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Deb Boulanger

By way of introduction, let me share a bit about my story and myself…
perhaps it will resonate with you.
I’m a coach, author, speaker, and retreat leader. I work with successful women over 40 who are seeking personal reinvention and transformation – whether in work or in love. Whether it’s finding love after a decades-long relationship ends, or launching a new business in the prime of your life, the coaching and mentoring I provide comes from decades of personal and professional experience, enabling my clients to create lives that continually bring them more courage, fulfillment, love, and joy.

Saying yes has the power to change your life

in the most positive of ways, and I’m living proof.

Say YesA recovering type A over achiever and perfectionist, I spent a very successful career in the corporate world where I created products and marketing programs that made my colleagues superstars and brought my company high paying contracts and world-renowned recognition.

While I fed on that success for nearly 30 years, in 2012 I woke up to find my batteries drained, my adrenals were shot, and my passion for my work had long faded.

At the same time, my 25-year marriage began to unravel and the sacrifices I had made for both that relationship and my career had taken their toll.
I was lost, confused, and living a shadow life.

It was time to get back to me, but how?

That quest sent me on a 3-year soul-searching journey. I said ‘yes’ to meditation, ‘yes’ to a higher calling, and ‘yes’ to true love. I learned to listen to and trust my inner wisdom. I became my own best expert, and my big ‘aha’ during this process? I could share this wisdom and expertise with others.
Necessity was the mother of my reinvention — which at age 53 was somewhat terrifying, but I don’t believe in failure, just learning. I realized that experiencing what I didn’t want in my life was simply the contrast I needed to guide me to what I did want.
I was responsible for getting myself in to that position and now it was up to me to find my way out. The only way to find those answers was to search within.
I headed to the meditation cushion to find ‘me’ and discover my next true path.
It took time to reinvent myself, but I did and have not looked back.

The path I traveled and the tools I discovered

and still use today, have radically changed my life.

I am healthy, truly happy, doing work that I am passionate about, and am deeply loved and in love with my partner and with life. This is the journey I live and teach.

Life is short. Everything is possible..

if you have the desire and courage to pursue it. It’s never too late.

In 2013, I put this process together into a unique single system. The Great Do-Over™ is a six-stage process of transformation that results in complete and total personal reinvention – including optimum health, fulfilling relationships, and passion about work.

As a trained educator, seasoned corporate executive, and certified holistic health coach, I draw upon all of my years of experience and training to coach smart and accomplished women in realizing their full-life potential.

I get the distinct pleasure of touching thousands of women each year through webinars, workshops, retreats, and group programs. If just one connection experiences greater health and wellbeing from what I share, then I consider that a victory.
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Life Starts After Meditation

Release Fear. Think Clear. Get Into Gear.